Restaurants Going Paperless Through goQR

Restaurants Going Paperless Through goQR

A lot of restaurants are now going paperless through goQR and here is why;

Our journey to paperless started in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Faced with major uncertainty and an unhealthy dose of anxiety, we were not sure what to expect and what the economic landscape would look like in the coming months and years. More importantly, how it would impact the status quo of our current and future endeavors.

One industry severely affected by the pandemic was and is the restaurant industry. An industry that heavily relies on a steady and constant flow of patronage. Pandemic-driven social distancing and lockdown protocols have severely undermined the bottom line of these establishments leading to closures and major job losses.

Restaurants are known as spaces where people get together to socialize and exchange ideas over a meal. Something naturally frowned upon these days in an apocalyptic pandemic-environment, where close proximity to others carries the risk of spreading the infection. In view of this, some restaurants have innovated and implemented QR-based technologies to limit the transmission of the virus by doing away with menus, essentially going paperless. However, is it enough to save the industry and effectively protect the staff and its patrons who frequent these establishments?

With this question in mind, goQR was born. Our vision is to modernize and streamline the use of existing QR-code technologies in the restaurant industry and provide restauranteurs with the tools to better protect their patrons and enhance their online and social presence. We believe that QR-based technologies hold the key, a gateway of sorts, to what the future holds for the restaurant industry.

The ongoing pandemic has taught us that we need to constantly evolve and change our business models. The pandemic has disrupted our way of doing business, but has not taken away our ability to innovate. Going paperless is only the first step in an exciting journey that offers so many opportunities and benefits through QR-code technologies.

In the next couple of blog posts, we will explore these opportunities and benefits in great detail and share with you our vision for a paperless and digitized restaurant environment.

In conclusion, like everything in life, change is inevitable. As Heraclitus phrased it, "the only constant in life is change", and rather than fearing it we should embrace it.

Ultimately resisting change is natural however, those who do not embrace it often get left behind.